How to care for your Vibrator

by Karen1. July 2012 16:05

Caring For your Vibrator


Vibrators can be an expensive part of your kit, so we need to now the basics of how to keep them clean, fresh and ready to be used when we want to play.

Most vibrators just need some tender loving care, and why not! They give us hours of pleasure.

A mild soap and water should be fine for most vibrators but you want to take care if it has electronic parts. We don’t want to get water in them but if you do, you can just take out the batteries and leave the device to dry out.

If you have a waterproof Vibe, you can emerge it in soapy water.  

Make sure all soap is rinsed off properly. 

Store it in a cool dry place and not in direct sunlight or near heat sources.  

It is better to wrap your toy up in a lint free cloth to protect it from dust and hair. Also keep your toys wrapped separate. Sex toys are made from various materials that can do some weird chemical stuff when put together.

There are loads of ways to enjoy your vibrator but we really should play safe. So I highly recommend cleaning your little friend before placing in different places, from Vagina to Anus etc… We really don’t want to get any nasty little infections that may spoil our fun

If you like to share your Vibrator or use it on various different parts, you can use a condom on your toy and just change the condom in between. Much easier than running to the bathroom each time. Condoms should only be used on penis shaped vibrators. Do not use on bullet vibes or the smooth ones as you may find you lose the condom. 



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